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Veterinary industry

Cleaning and disinfection in the veterinary industry

A clean and hygienic environment is of great importance in the veterinary industry. This contributes directly to the health of the animals. An unsanitary environment increases the risk of infections, which can have major consequences for your business. We help you find the right resources, methods and clear work instructions to keep the hygiene in your animal shelters optimal.

Hygiene in veterinary practices

Hygiene within veterinary practices is extremely important. This is because many different animals come in, bringing along harmful microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Within veterinary practices are areas of low risks, such as waiting rooms and reception. Areas with a high risk are the areas in which the animals are examined and operated, as well as the living areas and pens. It is therefore important to clean and disinfect these high-risk areas after each use.

Hygiene on farms

As with veterinary practices, hygiene on farms and other veterinary businesses is extremely important. With many animals in the same space, you naturally want to prevent diseases from spreading. Sick animals are often also placed in isolation. Prevent harmful micro-organisms within your company by using good hygiene. Tevan is happy to advise you on the use of the right resources and methods.

Combat veterinary diseases

Within animal stables, it is very important that diseases are kept away from the livestock. Hygiene is of primary importance here. Think for example of bird flu in chickens, swine fever in pigs, or foot-and-mouth disease in cows. When an animal becomes ill, it is often necessary to isolate the animal to prevent further spread. After the use of this isolation room, it will have to be thoroughly disinfected. This is the only way to prevent the risk of other animals becoming infected with bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Disinfection in the veterinary industry

If you want to use disinfectants within the veterinary industry, it is a requirement that this disinfectant is approved in PT03. This means that the disinfectant is approved for safe use within veterinary companies. The Panox products are approved in the veterinary industry and are therefore extremely suitable for disinfecting areas in which animals reside.

Measurably clean in the veterinary sector

An enclosure or space may appear clean, but not be hygienically clean. To ensure a hygienic environment, it is important to measure and monitor the results. We help you find the right resources and methods so that you can easily make the results measurable. This is how we work together on carefree cleanliness.