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Solutions for professional cleaning and disinfection

At Tevan we like to think through problems with you. Whether you are looking for the most efficient pool cleaning method or a method to get rid of overdue cleaning maintenance, we can do it all. Explore our extensive range of information on solving all your cleaning and disinfection problems below.

Solutions for disinfection


Removing legionella

The legionella bacteria can cause people to become seriously ill. If you find legionella bacteria in your organization, you naturally want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Tevan is a specialist in the field of legionella control. We are happy to advise you on which products and methods you need to combat Legionella bacteria. > Read more

Disinfecting viruses

Not all disinfectants are effective against viruses. It is therefore important that you use a disinfectant with a legal virus claim to combat, for example, the coronavirus. Our Tevan Panox disinfectants have a proven effect against all kinds of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. > Read more


Solutions for cleaning


Overdue maintenance

Good hygiene is important in every company. If you do not clean properly, it can happen that so much residual contamination remains that it can no longer be removed with a normal cleaning product. Tevan has developed a number of periodical deep cleaners for these situations. > Read more

Carefree Clean Concept

Tevan Oxsilive is a new and revolutionary cleaning agent based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. With Oxsilive you can easily and effectively clean floors, sanitary facilities, and interior. This makes it no longer necessary to buy a large number of traditional cleaning products. > Read more


Swimming pool cleaning

There are more and more swimming pools. Swimming water is used for both sports (water polo, aqua aerobics) and recreational purposes (free swimming, sauna baths). Swimming pools often differ greatly in size, purpose, number of visitors, and temperature. Cleaning of the swimming water, therefore, differs per pool. > Read more

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