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Overdue maintenance

Periodical deep clean to get rid of overdue maintenance

Good hygiene is important in every company. If you do not clean properly, it can happen that so much residual contamination remains that it can no longer be removed with a normal cleaning agent. Tevan has developed a number of zero-service cleaners for these situations. Read more below about how to get rid of your overdue maintenance.

What is a periodical deep clean?

Overdue maintenance can sometimes no longer be eliminated with daily or even periodic cleaning. If this is the case, use a deep cleaner. Sometimes this is possible with a higher dosage of your cleaning products. In extreme cases it may be necessary to use a deep cleaner. This is a very strong cleaning product that removes heavy soiling and repairs overdue cleaning maintenance.

Periodic and daily cleaning

After deep cleaning, keep your cleaning maintenance on track with a periodic and daily cleaning. When done correctly, you will avoid overdue cleaning maintenance in the future. Make sure that you degrease and/or descale every day, depending on your situation. Then periodically perform a major cleaning. Do you need advice on which products to use or how to do this? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Degreasing or descaling?

Every cleaning product has a different application. It is important to check whether you need a degreaser or a descaler. A descaler is based on acids and is suitable for cleaning sanitary facilities and removing limescale deposits. A degreaser is an alkaline product and is often used for cleaning interior and floors. Not sure what kind of product you need? We are happy to advise you on the use of the correct means and methods.

Deep cleaners

Removing heavy grease contamination

When you suffer from heavy grease pollution, this can cause many problems. Grease is often water-resistant, which makes it difficult to remove. Examples of grease contamination are kitchen greases, oil, and lubricating greases in industrial environments or, for example, grease stains of human origin in swimming pools (dander, hair, etc.). To remove grease, we have developed a powerful deep clean degreaser.

Remove heavy limescale deposits

Limescale deposits form due to compounds of Calcium. This can often be recognized by a white cast on tiles and windows, stains on the cement, or white stains in your sanitary facilities. If the scale is not removed, it will continue to build up. Lime is removed by acid. With heavy limescale, it is necessary to use a very strong rapid descaler. Check out our rapid descaler below:

Remove heavy floor pollution

Heavily soiled floors not only look dirty, but they can also be dangerous. A built-up layer of, for example, soap residues or grease pollution can cause a lot of slipperiness. It is therefore important to remove this heavy pollution as quickly as possible to prevent accidents. Tevan has developed a strong floor cleaner that removes old and heavily soiled protective layers from the floor.