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Removing legionella

Method for preventive or curative flushing of drinking water pipes

The legionella bacteria can cause people to become seriously ill. If you find legionella bacteria in your organization, you naturally want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Tevan is a specialist in the field of legionella control. We are therefore happy to advise you on which products and methods you need to combat legionella bacteria.

What is legionella?

Legionella is a bacterium that can make people mild to seriously ill. In very severe cases, legionella can even be fatal. When you detect a legionella infection, it is therefore important to combat it as soon as possible. Legionella bacteria reside in water and become dangerous when they multiply. Legionella multiplies strongly in still water between 25 and 50 degrees. Consider, for example, sanitary facilities that are rarely used or places where water stands still for a long time.

How do you remove legionella?

If you have legionella contamination in your water pipes or tanks, it is very important to combat it as soon as possible. You do this by cleaning and disinfection. Tevan has developed professional products for you, specially developed for combating legionella. Below we advise you on the process of legionella control.

Cleaning and disinfection of water pipes

There is a build-up of lime scale in running water. This build-up of lime layers forms a perfect breeding ground for legionella and other unwanted micro-organisms. Regular descaling is therefore of great importance in avoiding legionella bacteria.

By disinfecting you neutralize micro-organisms and bring them to an acceptable level. However, a disinfectant does not clean, so proper cleaning prior to disinfection is essential.

Three pillars of removing legionella

Processing time
Always use the processing time specified in the legal instructions for use. This is the only way to guarantee effective cleaning and disinfection.

Only with the correct dosages, you are assured of an optimal effect of the products. Therefore, always use the dosages stated in the instructions for use.

Control is necessary to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection. With the help of pH and peroxide measuring strips, you can easily check whether all taps have been properly cleaned and disinfected.

Step-by-step plan to combat legionella

Step 1: Cleaning
With the help of our rapid descaler Tevan Gastroline 7 you ensure that lime, iron and manganese deposits are dissolved. Check the presence of the rapid descaler at each tap using pH measuring strips. Only when the descaler is present in every tap, does the processing time start.

Step 2: Rinse after cleaning
Thorough rinsing ensures that all loosened contamination flows out of the pipe through the tap points. Check at each tap whether the rapid descaler has been completely rinsed out of the pipe using pH measuring strips.

Step 3: Disinfection
Disinfect the pipes with Tevan Panox. Always adhere to the instructions for use with regard to dosage and processing time. Check for the presence of Tevan Panox at each tap using the peroxide measuring strips.

Step 4: Rinse after disinfection
Rinse the pipes thoroughly again so that all killed microorganisms flow out of the pipes. Do this through all taps.

Step 5: Final check
Check for the presence of hydrogen peroxide at each tap point with the peroxide measuring strips. Continue rinsing until the hydrogen peroxide has completely disappeared from the line.

Tevan helps you with CLEAN & SAFE water

Tevan disinfection box

The Tevan disinfection box contains a motor-driven diaphragm pump that doses the disinfectants for you. The box is made of chemically resistant material, so you have no problems with corrosive or aggressive liquids. The disinfection box also contains a water meter with a flow meter. The dosing pump measures the exact amount of water that passes and automatically adjusts the stroke frequency accordingly. This makes the Tevan disinfection box particularly easy and reliable to use. For more information, please contact one of our representatives.

Products for removing legionella

Tevan Gastroline 7

Very powerful rapid descaler based on nature-identical acids. Suitable for removing lime and iron deposits. With KIWA ATA certificate for use in drinking water.

Tevan Panox

Highly concentrated disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. Specifically approved for disinfection of drinking water installations by KIWA ATA.