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Cleaning and disinfection in the facility sector

Facility Services, and cleaning in particular, are an important part of any organization. One of the biggest costs of cleaning is often the time spent on it. Quick cleaning is often at the expense of the result. Tevan is therefore happy to help you take care of a fast, but effective cleaning. We do this through a combination of the right products and working methods.

Clean experience in offices

A clean experience is often very important in offices. This is not only about cleaning. There are various options to improve the clean experience. Consider, for example, the use of the right materials. The visible use of the right cleaning agents and materials gives end users a higher cleaning experience. This is further enhanced when you also take measurements. Another part of a clean experience is the smell. We have air fresheners that, in addition to our high-quality cleaning products, ensure an optimal clean experience.

The importance of a clean office

A clean office not only benefits employees but also customers. People attach more and more value to hygiene and a good cleaning experience. However, for a clean office, it takes enough time to clean. Tevan works with you to map out your (or your clients’) activities and points of attention. With extensive measurements, we know together what we stand for. By seeking targeted solutions, Tevan provides you with the right tools and methods for a clean office.

Result-oriented or effort-oriented cleaning?

Many companies clean effort-oriented. They work with a scenario that specifies what is cleaned and when. This works fine, but there may be areas that are cleaned daily, even though they are hardly used. When this happens to you, result-oriented cleaning can be a solution. When cleaning results-oriented, it is mainly about the quality of the cleaning and the cleaning experience. Cleaners determine per room whether it is necessary to clean. As a result, there is more attention for areas with intensive use.

Sinner’s Circle

A good way to identify the costs of cleaning is the Circle from Sinner. Four factors play a role in cleaning, namely; chemistry, movement, time and temperature. Depending on the type of pollution and the use of the resources, the balance between these factors will differ. By applying this to your situation, you can easily map out where you can save costs.

Measuring hygiene

An office may look clean, but it may not be hygienically clean. To ensure a hygienic environment, it is important to measure and monitor the results. We help you find the right resources and methods so that you can easily make the results measurable. This is how we work together on carefree clean.