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Cleaning and disinfection in the healthcare sector

Hygiene is of course of vital importance in healthcare. Poor hygiene entails a lot of risks. Cleaning alone is therefore not enough. Disinfectants are therefore indispensable and necessary in healthcare. Harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses can be found in many different places. Consider, for example, objects, surfaces and surgical instruments. We help you find the right cleaning and disinfection products. In this way, you offer all your patients a safe and hygienic environment.

Cleaning in healthcare

In healthcare, it is very important that health risks are excluded. A good cleaning is therefore essential. This is because many bacteria, fungi, and viruses are present in healthcare institutions. These harmful micro-organisms are often hidden under a layer of organic dirt. In order to be able to reach these harmful micro-organisms properly with disinfectants, it is very important that cleaning is done first. Cleaning removes the organic contamination, which exposes the micro-organisms. We help you find the right cleaning agents and methods. With our specialist knowledge, we are happy to advise you on providing a hygienic and safe environment for all patients.

Disinfecting surfaces in healthcare

Disinfection is a daily activity in healthcare. Often this is done with alcohol. However, disinfection with alcohol can cause major problems when this is done on a large scale. Consider, for example, alcohol vapors with an intoxicating effect and flammability. It is therefore important to use a safer disinfectant for the disinfection of larger surfaces such as treatment tables and floors. When disinfecting with chlorine, you run the risk of releasing toxic chlorine gases. We have developed the Panox products. We use hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, two environmentally friendly alternatives that allow you to disinfect safely and effectively.

Cleaning medical instruments

Various instruments are used in healthcare, each of which is cleaned and disinfected in its own way. With some of these objects, the risk of contamination in the presence of microorganisms is enormous. When instruments are reused, there are often specific guidelines for cleaning and disinfection per instrument. With the correct cleaning agents, visible dirt and organic material are removed from the instrument. Then the instruments are rinsed and disinfected. Tevan is happy to advise you on the use of the correct resources and methods.

Room disinfection in hospitals

In hospitals, it regularly happens that an entire room has to be disinfected. This takes a lot of time. The room must first be thoroughly cleaned and then disinfected. We, therefore, use the “fogging” method. This allows you to disinfect your rooms easily, quickly, and effectively. Curious how this works and how it can benefit you? Please contact us for more information and a demonstration on location.

Cleaning products for healthcare institutions

Our cleaning products can be used in the following healthcare institutions:

  • Hospitals

  • Practices for dentists, physiotherapists, or general practitioners

  • Nursing homes and care homes